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Collector's Club

To mark our 20th Anniversary in the Summer of 2005 we launched the Country Designs Collector’s Club. The idea of the club is to reward our regular customers.

The mechanics of the scheme are simple. Every time you place an order for £10.00 (excluding DMC and Anchor stranded cottons, magazine subscriptions, special offers, discount offers and any part of the order attributed to postal charges) you receive one point. When you have collected five points, you will receive a voucher for £5.00 off your next order.

For example, an order for £50.00 will automatically qualify for a £5.00 voucher off your next purchase.

So, why not start collecting your points today?

Sew much more for your money

Collector's Club - Rules

1. The Collectors' Club is promoted by Country Designs Life's a Stitch Limited who reserve the right to amend the conditions of the scheme without notice.

2. The scheme will remain in place until further notice. Each voucher has an expiry date and it ceases to be redeemable once this date has passed.

3. Orders placed over the value of £10.00 will qualify for points which will be added to each customer's account (subject to the exclusions stated in Clauses 5 & 6). One point will be awarded for every multiple of £10.00 in a single transaction. For example, an order for £28.00 will qualify for two points. Points will be awarded subject to product availability.

4. When a customer has collected five points a voucher will be issued to the value of £5.00 which can be used as a discount against future purchases. Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash. Please note that only vouchers can be redeemed - points may be collected but they only have a value when they are converted into vouchers.

5. In calculating the points in respect of each order the value of DMC and Anchor Stranded Cottons, magazine subscriptions, special offers and discount offers will be excluded as well as any charge for post and packing.

6. Vouchers cannot be redeemed against any of the exclusions in Clause 5. When a voucher is redeemed this will be deducted from the value of the order along with exclusions in Clause 5 to determine the points to be awarded.

7. Points and vouchers are not transferable. They can only be used by the customer who has received them.

8. Vouchers must be returned to qualify for redemption. Vouchers may be collected via internet orders and they can be redeemed when placing internet orders.  If you wish to redeem a voucher as part of an online order please quote the voucher(s) number in the space provided.  We will redeem the voucher when we download the order it will not be done automatically at the point of purchase.

9. If goods are returned, points which have been collected as a result of such returns will be removed from the customer's account.

10. Country Designs Life's a Stitch Limited reserves the right to withdraw or cancel the scheme at any time. We will always give notice of such action. We also reserve the right to take whatever action we feel appropriate against any customer who abuses the scheme.

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